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Customer Obsessed

No event is created the same

Company Values


We love our big green planet and will do everything we can to show it! Our Photo Booth services use paper. That is why we decided to partner with OneTreePlanted and donate a portion of our profits to support reforestation.


Creating a better customer experience for our clients is something we strive to do. Understanding our client's needs and delivering a satisfying experience is something we value.

No event is created the same

When it comes to budget, features, and customizations, no event is created the same. This is where we shine! We bring something to the table that our clients will love.


Esteban Lopez Jr

I am an entrepreneur dedicated to providing a tailored photo booth service for your event.

About Me

I started Photobomb Photobooth in 2016. In the beginning, I viewed this venture as a side hustle. Little did I know I started to develop a passion for entrepreneurship and working in the service industry.

I left the industry in 2019 to advance my career in IT Network Engineering. I moved to Portland, Oregon in 2021 and decided to relaunch Photobomb Photobooth.

A New Vision

Over the past three years, technology has improved and so has our photo booth. Photobomb's mission is to create a service that is tailored to our client's events. We want to make sure that we deliver a service that fits your occasion and expectations.

Would you like to support reforestation?

Donate to OneTreePlanted