Digital Booth: How does it work?

Digital Booth: How does it work?

Looking to save some money on your next photo booth? Digital Photobooth may be your answer.

What is a digital photo booth?

A digital booth is a 100% paper free photo booth service. This provides a cost saving, eco friendly option compared to the traditional print photo booth. 

How does a digital booth work?

You have the options to start a GIF, Boomerang, Photo or Video session. After your session, captures can then be texted, emailed, airdropped, or accessed instantly on in the live gallery.

How can a digital booth save you money?

Using a digital booth uses fewer resources than a traditional photo booth.  This includes paper and also labor. Using a traditional photo booth requires an attendant to be present during the whole event. Their job is to make sure there are no technical difficulties with the printer and that paper is loaded. With a digital photo booth, the chances of malfunctioning are .01%.  This makes a photo booth attendant optional. 

How popular are Digital Booths?

We are living in the digital age where almost everything is shared on social media.  Digital booths are fairly new but are rising in popularity with how easy it is to get your pictures instantly. Will they replace the traditional print photo booth?  Unlikely.  Is the experience the same? Yes! 

Is a digital booth right for your event?

Digital Booths are great for any event that are trying to cut costs but would still like to have the photo booth experience.  Guest  will enjoy the experience of having their session airdropped/texted to their phones instantly. However if you like having your moments tangible, the traditional service would serve you best. 

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